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Contact Tracing and COVID-19

One of the more important tools that is being used in British Columbia, and many other places in the world, is contact tracing. As an individual, it is helpful to maintain a list of people you have been in contact with, and places you have visited, in case you are exposed to COVID-19.

In your organization, maintaining a list of people who have visited your place of business along with contact information can be a great help should contact tracing be required. For some businesses, such as food services in some jurisdictions, this data collection is mandatory. This list should include the data and time of any visits, along with a way to contact those individuals.

It is important to note that any information you collect for this purpose should be treated with confidentiality, not used for other purposes such as marketing, and destroyed after 30 days.

The BC Centre for Disease Control has an excellent summary of Contact tracing, including a video and an infographic, on their website.

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